GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking from Key Fleet Services uses telematics to gain business intelligence about a fleet. The information collected using GPS hardware and software is essential for business leaders and fleet managers to make informed business decisions.

Typically, GPS technology uses satellite and cellular technology to deliver its services. However, the technology can be integrated with other technologies to enhance its effectiveness, including artificial intelligence. This technology allows tracking different metrics, such as driver behavior or vehicle maintenance, and proactively addressing problems before they occur. GPS fleet tracking device provides decision-makers with data to manage the fleet effectively and efficiently.

At Key Fleet Services, we’re the best fleet tracking system company and our GPS fleet tracking device allows you to collect data on your drivers’ location and all driving activities. We ensure you’re always on top of your business.

Features of GPS Fleet Tracking

The following are features found in our GPS fleet tracking devices:

  • Vehicle tracking: An essential service in GPS tracking is vehicle tracking. A fleet manager can see where a truck in the fleet is at any moment. This makes it easier to communicate with customers. It also enables better efficiency and driver monitoring to ensure that your drivers perform at their best. GPS tracking also enhances the safety and security of the fleet.
  • Asset tracking: There are many more non-motorized assets. GPS enables you to keep track of these assets, too. This checks against misuse and theft. It also ensures the asset is used efficiently.
  • Cameras: While knowing where your truck or asset is helps make the fleet more efficient, you can take it a notch higher and integrate your GPS with cameras. Cameras give you a perfect view of the area surrounding your truck and non-motorized assets. You can monitor your driver to ensure there is no unbecoming behavior. This also protects you against unscrupulous insurance in the event of an incident.
  • Sensors: You can also integrate sensors that trigger an alarm or a notification if specific actions are taken. For instance, if a driver over speeds, a sensor can instantly pick that up and inform you. You can have sensors for anything you want to check against.

GPS fleet tracking is a game changer for your fleet management. Nothing on your fleet will happen out of the blue; if it does, you have all the necessary information to protect yourself against any liability.

What Our GPS Fleet Tracking System Helps You Do

Let’s install GPS fleet tracking services in your vehiclesto give you data and information. But there is also much more you can do with your fleet, including:

  • Filling out the DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report): This reports the vehicle’s safety and operations. With a vehicle GPS tracking system, logging the daily activities of the car has never been easier. This saves you time spent filing paperwork in the back office.
  • IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) Reporting: The reporting is done quarterly. With a fleet GPS tracking system, filling out the IFTA report is much easier.
  • Scorecard: With an installed fleet tracking system, you can monitor your employees and score them accordingly. This is important because you can pick up where the employees need further training. You can also reward the top performers accordingly and empower the low performers to perform better.
  • Integrations: The GPS tracking system can be further integrated with other technologies that you use. This makes the whole process of fleet management seamless. Work gets synchronized for better efficiency.

Other applications include:

  • Job dispatch
  • Better documentation
  • Route planning
  • Maintenance
  • Custom reports

GPS tracking is more than a system that shows you where your track is. It is a system that revolutionizes the way you approach fleet management. It is a system that delivers you data, information, and intelligence on making your fleet management excel.

Where to Get GPS Fleet Tracking

For such a crucial piece of technology, you have to get it from experts who understand the ins and outs of the technology and how it revolutionizes your business. Key Fleet Services offers the best solution for your GPS fleet tracking quest. Contact us today and have your fleet fitted with GPS fleet tracking technology. You can also call us at 409-916-2964 for a demo.