Key Fleet Services

Key Fleet Services offers everything you need to optimize the productivity of your fleet vehicles, lowering your costs and saving time in every aspect of your operation. With Geotab from Key Fleet Services, your company can reduce fuel consumption, increase on-time delivery rates, intervene proactively to correct problem driving behaviors, lower insurance costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fleet Maintenance

If you can run a spreadsheet, you can keep tabs on scheduled maintenance. But can you identify maintenance problems even before the dashboard warning lights come on?

With Key Fleet Services, your dispatcher monitoring systems can be fully integrated with your fleet’s onboard diagnostics. You can get information on fuel consumption, oil pressure, tire pressure, braking, and drive chain issues that alerts you to developing problems. You can take a vehicle out of service for maintenance and repairs rather than responding to a breakdown on the road that you have to explain to your customers.

DOT Compliance

Nearly every commercial delivery operates under DOT rules. You need to know when your operator gets into the vehicle you have assigned to them. You need to know when they take their breaks, and when they leave their vehicles at the end of their shift. And for the past several years, you have (in most cases) been required to keep these logs electronically.

With Key Fleet Services, you can automate logs to meet all federal and state regulations without unnecessary paperwork, without entry errors, and without miscalculations. You’ll have an accurate record for which driver was on which road and when, simplifying regulatory compliance, payroll, and customer billing.

Optimizing Last Mile Delivery 

The last mile is always the most expensive mile for any delivery service. Key Fleet Services can help you optimize last mile delivery in at least three ways:

    • Vehicle rightsizing. Key Fleet Services can help you make sure you assign the right vehicle or the right size for the most efficient delivery of packages and pallets.

    • Vehicle benchmarking. Key Fleet Services can help you compare your last mile delivery with metrics collected from competitor fleets. You can fine tune your driver expectations and make your delivery charges more predictable, more competitive, and more profitable.

    • Fuel management. There is no part of the delivery journey that requires more fuel than the last mile. Finding the critical path for efficient deliveries with real-time inputs about weather, road conditions, delays, and reprioritization of packages can help you save time and fuel.

Reducing On-Road Expenses

Geotab products from Key Fleet Services help you keep tabs on fuel consumption with real-time data from your vehicle’s internal controls. But they also help you reduce fuel expense by keeping tabs on driver behaviors.

Depending on the size of your fleet vehicle, simply making sure your drivers avoid fast starts and excessive braking while staying within the speed limit can help you achieve fuel savings of 10%, 15%, or more. But that may not be the biggest cost reduction Key Fleet Services can help you achieve on the road.

Real-time driving data from Key Fleet Services immediately informs your dispatch office of unusual operator behaviors. The system can let you know when your driver takes a wide curve, slams on the brakes, or accelerates harshly. 

Key Fleet Services can let you know when a vehicle leaves its geofences, when it is left in idle on the side of the road, and when it has been hijacked or stolen. You can also integrate remote controls to deal with lockouts and driver emergencies.

Key Fleet Services Can Help You Optimize Your Fleet

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