Truck Fleet Optimization

The trucking industry is essential to logistical fulfillment in many sectors. However, the cost of running and maintaining a fleet of trucks is enormous, necessitating any fleet manager to seek a responsive solution.

As a company or fleet manager, your primary focus is to cut costs without compromising efficiency. This middle ground between cost efficiency and service efficiency can only be achieved through fleet optimization.

Fleet optimization involves maximizing fleets’ productivity and improving operations’ efficiency while cutting costs.

Optimizing fleet operations to save time and resources is necessary, and Key Fleet Services is your solution partner.

At Key Fleet Services, we have multiple ways to optimize your fleet, irrespective of size. Here are the major fleet tracking services we offer to scale your business to new heights.

Services We Offer

With data-driven insights, we render services to optimize every aspect of your fleet.

Fleet Fuel Consumption and Management

At Key Fleet Services, we provide solutions for you to observe and address your fleet’s fuel consumption. Our services allow you to set rules and alerts to improve routing, idle times, and speeding. When these three factors are addressed comprehensively, fuel consumption costs reduce significantly.

Additionally, the reports and tools we provide encourage fuel-efficient behaviors among drivers.

Fleet Maintenance

Get ahead of the line with our automated reminders for fleet maintenance to enhance the stellar working conditions of the vehicles. We assure our customers of beneficial maintenance deals that ensure a fleet is adequately taken care of at all times. 

We also develop customer-specific maintenance programs to prevent downtimes, a proactive preventive approach to keeping a roadworthy fleet.

Fleet Benchmarking

Our insightful benchmarking data helps you to identify the costs and operations involved across your fleet compared to other players in the market with a similar fleet. 

Fleet benchmarking gives you access to fleet-specific recommendations by comparing your fleets to similar fleets with the exact operational requirements.

Fleet Tracking and Monitoring

We have a fleet tracking system technology at Key Fleet Services known as the Go 9 GPS device. The Go 9 GPS device is an industry-leading fleet GPS tracking solution that accurately recreates, tracks, and monitors vehicle trips.

Accident Reconstruction

Our team of experts helps gather information about what and why a vehicle got into an accident. We can present candidly how the events happened by utilizing services tools such as the Go 9 vehicle tracking device. In the event of negotiation help, you get the best possible deal.

Compliance Services 

At Key Fleet Services, we offer compliance services, including Hour of Service (HOS), driver inspection and reporting, and driver identification.

Hours of Service (HOS) 

HOS is the maximum number of hours a driver should be on duty and the length of rest periods to ensure drivers stay alert, awake, and active during their working hours. Fleet drivers can deliver quality services through a clearly defined HOS, reducing accident rates dramatically.

Driver Inspections

We do driver inspections by providing checklists to your fleet drivers, which they fill out at the end of their shifts. This will candidly inform your company about the conditions of the vehicle before the next driver operates it.

Driver Identification Systems

We also have driver identification systems in place to allow a fleet manager to keep a record of all drivers and their assignments.

Our driver identification systems make it easier to identify drivers who misuse vehicles or fail to comply with the law.

Risk and Safety Reporting

Key Fleet Services reports also provide information about drivers’ on-road activities. For example, speeding, acceleration, after-hours vehicle use, braking habits, and seatbelt usage. These key data are captured and used to assign each driver’s risk and safety scores.

A fleet manager can retrieve these driving trends daily, weekly, monthly, or annually and develop performance benchmarks.

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 Key Fleet Services fully understands that fleet management optimization aims to improve productivity, comply with legal requirements, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction. We delight in helping you achieve the abovementioned purposes.

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