Electronic Log Devices

An electronic log device, better known as an ELD device, is electronic hardware that records driving time for trucks and other commercial vehicles. It records data such as vehicle speed, location, driven miles, the vehicle’s engine, and much more.

Plugging in electronic logging devices for trucks and other commercial vehicles is required by the ELD mandate under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). To install the truck’s electronic logging device, you connect it through the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) port.

At Key Fleet Services, we have several ways to optimize your fleet and ensure risk and safety reporting. Geotab is one particular ELD solution. The fleet safety reports generated by Geotab provide advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road activities. In addition to illustrating daily, weekly, or monthly driving trends, Geotab reports allow managers to establish performance benchmarks. Risk and safety scores are assigned to drivers based on variables, including speeding, braking habits, seatbelt use, and more.

Data Recorded on an Electronic Log Device (ELD)

ELD logs majorly record the hours driven throughout the day and a driver’s on-duty and off-duty hours. The recorded hours are known as “hours of service” (HOS). The federal government regulates HOS, which is why they require ELDs to be installed in commercial fleets.

On the other hand, ELD devices can be used as telematic devices, which transmit computerized information over long distances. Our ELDs come equipped with better technologies such as GPS tracking, accelerometers, and gyroscopes. These technologies enable the ELDs to record the following:

  • The truck’s GPS position in real-time
  • The engine speed and engine load
  • Mileage, fuel efficiency, and idling
  • Hours of Service
  • Duty status (on-duty and off-duty)
  • Drive time
  • Faulty codes and diagnostic
  • Collisions, harsh braking, and other safety-related events

Our ELDs will help keep the fleet information accurate, updated, and real-time. Access to such information makes fleet management smooth sailing. Since you understand how your fleet is performing and with the good performance, your business not only gets to grow, but you can leverage other things such as negotiating down your insurance payments for the fleet.

What ELDs Achieve for Your Business

Even though GPS fleet tracking is an FMCSA mandate, these devices serve much greater utility to fleet companies and managers. The ELD devices make fleet management more effective by improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Trucking fleets in the passenger transit industry, construction, food and beverage, and local government, among other industries, can make good use of our ELDs.

The data reported can be used to improve the following areas:

  • Compliance: The FMCSA required all commercial vehicles to have ELD devices installed. The use of ELDs makes it easier and more sustainable the e-log from the devices renders paper logs and log books irrelevant.
  • Safety: Many ELDs, including those offered by Key Fleet Services, have an accelerometer and a gyroscope installed in them to detect collisions, harsh turns, harsh brakes, and other similar harsh events. As a fleet manager, you can use this data to further train your drivers on safe driving. You can also use the data to exonerate your drivers if they are wrongly accused.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is the lifeline of every fleet. Timely maintenance can help you keep your fleet up to the task for longer. The ELD devices record onboard diagnostics and engine data and use this information to help you schedule timely maintenance for each truck in your fleet.
  • This critical information can help you respond to reactive repairs when they arise. In addition, you can reduce paperwork in your back office by having drivers fill out the electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) using the data from the ELD, which they can access from their smartphones.
  • Routing and dispatching: The ELD devices have a real-time GPS tracker on them. Therefore, at any one point, you know where your trucks are. The knowledge of real-time location makes it easy to plan routes for our tracks and dispatch the trucks efficiently.

The comprehensive data recorded by an ELD device makes it very easy to comply with regulations, find efficiency loopholes, and plan work for your fleet in an effective manner. With the data from the ELD device, reporting becomes the silver bullet a fleet needs to take its business to the next level.

The Best Electronic Logging Device

Key Fleet Services offers you the best ELD device and technology in the market. Get in touch with them and get your fleet fitted so that you are in compliance and also take advantage of the enormous benefits of having an ELD-fitted fleet. Call our experts today at 409-916-2964 for more information.