Dash Cams for Trucks

Dash Cameras for Trucks

The trucking business does not only entail moving goods from point A to point B. The trucking business is a complicated one. There are a lot of moving parts that you have to manage appropriately for the business to work.

You must have accurate information on the nature of the road your drivers are working in. You must know the drivers’ behavior on the road in real time. You also have to protect yourself against theft and unjust insurance claims.

To do all that, you need dash cameras for trucks. Commercial truck dash cameras are installed in the vehicle to capture and record different things happening in and around the truck. A dashboard camera can be the difference between you being at the top of your fleet management or being weighed down by issues beyond what you know nothing about.

Whether you are looking for a single dash cam truck or to equip the entire fleet, Key Fleet Services has the best dash camera in the industry. We can also install several cameras in a single track. For instance, we can install a camera that faces the road, one that faces the driver, one that faces the asset being transported, and other essential equipment.

The cameras will help with different things, and we can install as many as necessary for the efficiency of your fleet business.

Why Should You Install Dash Cameras for Trucks?

Dash cameras and other electronic log devices for trucks are more than just fancy technology on a truck. They are essentials. In the day and age where insurance tariffs and fuel consumption depend on the driver’s skills, it’s high time you are on top of every truck detail you can.

What better way to do this than let Key Fleet Services fit your trucks with dashboard cameras?

Here is why you should have dash cameras.

Protection Against Insurance Claims

Our dash cameras record high-quality videos. In case of any occurrences, our cameras will provide the evidence needed to exonerate you from an insurance claim. The same high-quality video can be used as evidence in your insurance claim.

Get the Real-Time Performance of Your Drivers

You can monitor your driver’s performance in real-time using our dash cameras. You can tell how he is driving and handling traffic. You can tell whether they are on their phone or something else is distracting them. To avoid accidents, you can rectify this by alerting the observed issues in real-time.

Coach Your Drivers Better

The strength of one driver can be the weakness of another. The difference dictates that the two drivers be trained differently.

Using our dash cams, you can tell the strengths and weaknesses of different drivers. Knowing that you can curate specific training and coaching to help them improve their driving. A marked improvement in a driver’s skill can be a considerable business gain.

Ensure the Safety of Your Fleet and Cargo

By having dash cameras installed in all relevant areas of your truck, you can monitor the safety and well-being of the track and the cargo being transported in real time. You can alert the authorities in good time if there are any incidents.

Either way, you will have recorded the incident through the cameras, which will help you recover everything.

Dash Cameras for Trucks from Key Fleet Services

The necessity of dash cameras for your fleet cannot be over-emphasized. Key Fleet Services is a reliable fleet optimization company that deals with everything from fleet tracking to compliance and management. Our fleet management services have been critically acclaimed over the years.

At Key Fleet services, we have all you need to ensure the best truck fleet optimization when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. We provide the software and hardware you need to build a high-performance fleet business.

Our dash cameras are high-tech and high-quality. They are easily integrated with our other technologies to help you view and manage data and analytics generated through our software in real-time.

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