Complete Fleet Maintenance

Specialize in ELD Compliance

Truck Fleet Management & GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet Optimization

• Manage Maintenance
• Reduce Fuel Costs
• Prevent Wear and Tear


• Driver Inspection Reporting
• Driver Identification


• Go 9 Gps Device
• Go Rugged
• Flex Self Sustaining Solar Power

We have multiple ways to keep your fleet optimized, from accident reconstruction, fuel efficiency,  to maintenance alerts. Contact us to set up a demo and learn about all the ways we can keep your fleet ahead of the game.
Geotab’s fleet services and safety reports provide advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road activities. Risk and safety scores are assigned to individual drivers based on various factors: speeding, seatbelt usage, braking habits, degree of corner turn, acceleration, and after-hours vehicle usage. Geotab reports also illustrate daily, weekly, or monthly driving trends to enable managers to develop performance benchmarks.

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