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Osha Bicycle gears. Original photo by falcontail.com

One of our goals at Key Fleet Services is to help you cut costs and improve the efficiency of your bicycle and tricycle fleet. We can help ease the problems associated with maintaining your own fleet so that you can keep your bicycles and tricycles on the road and save money at the same time. We provide and maintain the equipment, personnel, technology, processes, and expertise that keep your fleet of OSHA certified bicycles moving forward. We can also save you money through our strategic planning by benchmarking your fleet of OSHA certified bicycles, monitoring the operating costs, making repairs, providing needed training, and much more so that you can get rest easy. We can also assist you by monitoring the changing OSHA, EPA, DOT, and other federal, state, and local laws that may apply to your business. This way we can keep you compliant so that you can focus on what's important. Get in touch and we can provide a total fleet management solution for your bicycle and tricycle fleet.

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Blue OSHA certified tricycle - Photo supplied by Key Fleet Services

We are serious about industrial bicycle and tricycle safety and that is why we implement rigid inspection to make sure that our bicycles meet proper OSHA safety standards. Our goal is to keep your OSHA certified industrial bicycles and tricycles running smoothly and efficiently so you can get back to your core business. Our inspection includes looking for serious issues like cracks and damage, loose wheels, malfunctioning brakes, sharp dangerous edges, loose or improper crank bolts, broken reflectors, loose pedals, misaligned handlebars, and more so we can help assure the safety and reliability of your bicycle or tricycle fleet.

We also do needed maintenance such as checking and lubricating the chain, checking the seat bolts and clamps, inspecting fenders and chain guards, replacing reflector stickers, checking kickstands, bearings, tire tubes, spokes handle grips and much more so that you can rest assured that your fleet of OSHA certified bicycles will be ready when you need it.

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OSHA Certified Bicycle training video (Comng soon photo). Original photo by falcontail.com

We offer training and other services to allow you to take care of your vital industrial bicycle and tricycle fleet. Check back soon for our bicycle safety and training video. Thank you from Key Fleet Services!

Email: travis.smith@keyfleetservices.com